Update on the new book

Note hung stuck to my basement door to keep the family away

The working title for the new book is Symbiotic. I think that will change, because symbiosis is no longer the thrust of the story. Funny how stories sort of just do what they want with you.

It seems to be about schism and reunification. Maybe schism is a good title…but I’m willing to bet that one’s been used.

The spark this time wasn’t an image, but having to endure the horrible ordeal of getting my needle-phobic kid vaccinated (you’ll see how that made it’s way into the story later.)

For Systemic is let myself discover the story as it came to me. This time I wanted to outline and plan all the plot points and see what the process would be like. I’ve gotten the major plot points and character arcs all sketched out. Now I’m starting to flesh it out with visuals and transitions. It’s a totally different style of writing. Its a little terrifying, and I worry I’ll loose some of my enjoyment, or flow, or will be more apt to get blocked. Far so good though.

I started working on the story on my birthday in early February, and as of today I’m about 70,000 words in.

It’s been hard writing with no hide outs and me time. I wrote the vast majority of Systemic on the bus commuting to and from work. During covid there’s no more bus rides. I still get in my morning session (6:10 to 8:30 every morning). And my insomniac hours (2-4:30 AM once or twice a week), but my afternoon hour is gone. The dog and the kid sit at the top of the stairs whining and restraining themselves until my last work meeting signs off, then they run down the stairs and attack me with a toy and growl (if you’re the dog) or bark wildly and drool (if you’re the kid).

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