Notes on AIs in Systemic

I thought this was fun. Here are my notes for the various systemic AIs from the book. I used this to ensure I kept them consistent throughout. Fun fact. You can use the color key to see what Arley’s real mood was, and you might even be able to tell if and when she’s not being forthcoming with information.

Arley halfway through asking a funny question

Types of AIs

  • The System
  • Systemic Sub-AIs
  • Basic, non-systemic, low, or unenriched AIs (Cars, Apps)

“Mood” colors of the AIs

  • Solution arrived at “Eurika!”: White
  • Base State, conversational: Purple
  • Engagement/Excitement/Start up: Indigo
  • Concern: Light/sky blue
  • Questing (looking for answers):Blue (pulsing to show activity)
  • Bemusement/Humor: Green
  • Condescension: Chartreuse
  • Spite: Yellow
  • Annoyance: Orange
  • Anger: Red
  • Self-satisfaction: Peach
  • Sympathy: Pink
  • Black: Powered Off/Sleeping

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