Taking the book to visit the sagelands

The book sitting in the shadow of a sage brush in Eastern Washington.

Last week the family headed out to Montana to visit my wife’s father and step mother, who were traveling up from South Carolina. I took the opportunity to visit the sagelands and take some shots.

When I first envisioned the Prower valley, it was something of a mashup of the broad valleys of Western Montana (specifically between Yellow Stone and Missoula) and the sage brush desert of Eastern Washington around the Columbia river.

Counter clock wise from the top left: 1. Me in the Columbia valley all proud and goofy holding up the book like it’s a trophy fish. 2. My daughter looking at the cut throat trout swarming near the banks of Lake Armory (Hungry Horse Reservoir). 3. Posing near a nice stand-in for Big Bend on the Prower River (Kootenai River in the case). The Prower valley is effectively the union of the scenes captured int shots 4 and 5.

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