Interview with Charlotte Yarkoni

My interview about Systemic with Microsoft Corporate VP, Charlotte Yarkoni was posted today!

Blog Post:

YouTube link if you don’t like reading blogs:…

The interview was a ton of fun and I was very lucky to land it. Charlotte sent out a mail in February asking if anyone in her organization had any “interesting” after work hobbies. I replied that I had written a sci-fi novel during my daily commute and that seemed to qualify.

A few days before the actual shoot–where there would have been lighting, makeup, and herbaceous stage props–Covid-19 struck and we had to postpone. Several months later, it was finally shot using Microsoft Teams. I was in my bedroom, and she got to be in the beautiful outdoors.

Note Charlotte’s sweet Metallica shirt.

Here I am in the “green room” waiting to start the interview. All those orange post-its say things like, “Thank her!” and “Mention the book by name!”

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