The Dean Lattice and Lemmist Timeline

The other day I mentioned in our No “I” in writing podcast (see below) that I like to try to outsmart my copy editors by having very detailed timelines and the like. Below is an example of what I’m talking about.

For those of you who have read Host, you’ll know what the dean lattice is. Those of you who have not read Host, can just marvel at this slightly obsessive list of 291 years worth of Deans from the University at Seal Tooth.

I created this list so that I could:

  1. Make sure to get the timelines right
  2. Slip my friends names–if not into the story–at least into the history.

Also, here is the podcast my cousin, friend, jogging buddy, and editor and I do together.

Year (New Era)OrdinalNameGenderNotes
61stLem KersandsMaleThis is THE Lem, from Systemic.
422ndMark HillMale
503rdTatiana KaminskiFemale
624thAndrei PicorovMaleWas Lem’s attendant when he died.
695thYogesh RamasundaramMale
726thJeff HazeltineMale
827thAlicechandra FritzFemale
928thMika GaithersburgFemaleOnce killed someone
959thSal IrvingFemaleFather was a baker
10810thMatt MillerMale
11311thJennifer EitelFemale
11712thWarren CavanaughMale
13113thChad McEvoyMale
13314thRogan CarrMale
13715thChristy ScheuerFemale
14316thArlo NunesMale
15317thHenry JackyMale
16018thJuni KawasakiFemale
16719thKompassa  NwodimFemale
18420thOlya PattersonFemaleWrote the works that became the foundations for the Bridger movement. Partner to the Medicinal faculty
19321stEvelyn CarlsonFemaleCouldn’t eat bread
20122ndJohn FlaaMale
20823rdTracy StewartFemale
21324thTodd LubsenMaleHad some wilderness survival skills.
22525thDaniel OdievichMale
22926thHolly WardFemale
23527thMaria Garcia-CabaleFemale
24528thAlex WellsMaleDean when Sevv and Parr were students.
25329thAadrian HarrowMaleThe Censor
26430thDon MillerMale
28131stEdmund KhamisMaleStill the acting dean when Reyan arrives
29132ndSevvran BitalMale

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