Host (WIP)

This is the very rough draft of my work in progress. Working title is “Host”.

I’m happy to hear any feedback you may have. Other than that I hope it will be interesting to see how much the book changes from this very early stage through the structural edits and final publication.

Expect many spelling and grammar mistakes!


Chris Lodwig

Table of Contents

Prologue – Thomas turns off the System

Chapter 1 – The Professors Arrive

Chapter 2 – Rolf’s Gift

Chapter 3 – Eryn and Lem Return Home

Chapter 4 – Reyan Leaves Home

Chapter 5 – Lem and Eryn Make History

Chapter 6 – The Road to Rowe

Chapter 7 – Lem: Day 7, 0 NE

Chapter 8 – The Banquet in Rowe

Chapter 9 – A Day in Rowe

Chapter 10 – Two Memories

Chapter 11 – The Professors Profess

Chapter 12 – Atop the Tower

Chapter 13 – Dinner with the Keepers

Chapter 14 – Leaving Rowe

Chapter 15 – Lem and Eryn’s First Winter

Chapter 16 – Lem and Eryn Return to Prower