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The System is alive, but it’s not well.

Three centuries after the System died, all that remains of the once-omnipotent AI are The Book it left behind and the itinerant professors charged with keeping its wisdom.

Now, a lonely girl must learn how to harness her remarkable mind if she hopes to return the System to its former glory.

Host is the long-anticipated and beautifully conceived sequel to Chris Lodwig’s first novel, Systemic.

Edited by Christina Scheuer

Cover by Todd Lubsen

Feedback and Reviews:

A captivating and refreshing take on our not-so-implausible dystopian future. Reyan is a unique protagonist whom I was rooting for from page one! – Ashely Powell

A deft and engaging story. – N Pawar

A very human look at a traumatized society restructuring itself around entrenched traditions, tribalism, and faith in clerics who are a shadow of the old System. – Ashley Nathan Feniello

“You won’t see the end coming. It hits you in the face and leaves you breathless.” Dr. Geoff (Amazon top 1000 reviewer)

Articles, Interviews etc.

1/5/2023 – GPT3 and ChatGPT
Another AI (ChatGPT) interview. This time with video!

12/19/2022 – Live from The Bunker:

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