Host Pronunciation Guide

I write books with the audio book in mind. I read my drafts aloud to my wife and I even listen to Word’s narrator as I’m writing and editing to make sure the phrasing sounds right and my punctuation is doing its work.

I find it annoying when a narrator pronounces a name or place differently than I heard it in my head. To that end, I put together a quick pronunciation guide to hand over to my narrator when the time comes. I offer this list to you so that, if you ever wanted to know how I intended things to sound when I wrote Host, you have a reference. (You can purchase the eBook or paperback of Host here)

Main Characters (in order of importance):

  • Reyankaiya – Ray-an-KY-a
  • Reyan – Ray-AN
  • Kavianhar – Kavy-an-HAR
  • Parrnath Grainsmeir – PAR-nath GRAINS-myer.
  • Sevvran Bital – Sev-RON bi-TAL
  • Tamura – Ta-MOOR-A
  • Mam – Just like it’s spelled. Just like people would say “Yes ma’am”. Not “mom”.
  • Lyessa – LIE-ssa . Very similar to Liza but with ses not zs.

Various other names and places (alphabetical):

  • Alicechandra – Alla-SHAWN-dra
  • Dean Flaa – Just like “flaw”
  • Dean Khamis – Similar to “Thomas” with the “T” replaced with a “HA” with a soft back-of-the-throat fricative. Similar to “Challa”, or “Chanuka”.
  • Fang Hui Bai – Fang whee bye
  • Gishken – GISH-ken
  • Harut – Har-ROOT
  • Quay – Kee
  • Ramasundaram – Just break it apart and it’s just like it’s spelled: Rama-soon-DAR-am
  • Tsunsk – tSUNSk All one syllable. Should mostly sound like “suns” with a slight fricative while starting the “s” and a slight short k at the end.
  • Whulge – rhymes with bulge

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